Charlotte Minsky

I study (exo)planets and history.

I'm an undergraduate at MIT studying planetary science and astronomy, computer science, and history. I am pursuing a research career in planetary science, and I'm particularly interested in exoplanets. I also care about teaching and outreach, diversity and inclusion in academia, and social justice. Sometimes I have free time, in which I listen to podcasts, play various musical instruments, hike, and craft.

Astronomy & Planetary Science

I am majoring in Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences with a concentration in Planetary Science & Astronomy. I'm interested in planets and small bodies of all Solar Systems, but especially ones ⪆150 AUs away.

Current Roles
  • Undergraduate researcher with Prof. Julien de Wit (MIT) modeling exoplanet atmospheres
  • Target of Interest light curve vetter for the NASA/MIT TESS mission
Previous Experience
  • Observational astronomy project class determining the rotation period and axial ratio of asteroid (2713) Luxembourg
  • Undergraduate researcher with Prof. Ben Weiss and Dr. Mary Knapp looking for radio signatures from Planet 9 in archival data


I am also pursuing a joint major in History and Computer Science (not History of Computer Science, although that's also pretty cool). I am interested in 20th century Middle Eastern history and the intersections of race, science, and technology.

Contesting the Iranian Revolution
2018 - 2019
  • Edited and indexed Contesting the Iranian Revolution: The Green Uprisings, a book about the 2009 Green Uprisings in Iran by Pouya Alimagham to be published by Cambridge University Press in 2019
  • Conducted primary source research for related conference papers
MIT and Slavery
2017 - 2018
  • Researched MIT's relationship to the Southern Reconstruction economy from 1861-1887 as an individual reserch project within a pilot class investigating MIT's historical relationship with slavery and its legacies
  • Presented findings to MIT's president, a live and online audience totalling one thousand, and national press
Digital Humanities
Fall 2018
  • Project manager for the MIT Digital Humanities Lab, managing a team that analyzed gendered language in a digitized corpus of 19th-century English literature
  • Oversaw workflow, contributed code, and coordinated with data collection and visualization teams

Teaching & Other

I love teaching, outreach, and various community organizations I'm involved with! One thing I particularly care about is making the American criminal justice system less awful. Right now, the way I work on that is by increasing educational opportunities for incarcerated individuals near me.

Education for Incarcerated Individuals
Other Teaching Experience
Other Involvement on Campus

CV & Contact

You can download a PDF of my CV here. Last updated 05/30/2019.


Social Media: LinkedIn (used rarely), Twitter (used frequently and often sarcastically), GitHub (it's social media if you try hard enough)