Charlotte Minsky

I study (exo)planets and history.

I recently graduated from MIT, where I studied planetary science, history, and a smidgen of computer science.

Currently, I work on the COVID Racial Data Tracker at The Atlantic's COVID Tracking Project.

In 2021-2022, I'll be doing a master's in history of science at the University of Cambridge. After that, I'll start a PhD in planetary science at Harvard in 2022.

In my free time, I listen to podcasts and radio, play various musical instruments, and try to spend time with trees and mountains. In the past I've been a meteorologist, cellist in a rock band, and ordained minister.

Updated December 2020

Astronomy & Planetary Science

I like planets and atmospheres and small bodies of all Solar Systems, but especially ones ⪆150 AUs away.

In 2022, I'll be starting a PhD program studying planetary science in Robin Wordsworth's group at Harvard.

At MIT, I majored in Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences with a concentration in Planetary Science & Astronomy, and did various research things including being a cog in the NASA/MIT TESS mission and writing a senior thesis about trying to use radial velocity data to look at exoplanet transmission spectra in a new way.

You can hear me chatting with Bill Nye and Corey Powell about looking for exoplanets here.


I research/am interested in things in the blob of topics whose contours are very roughly defined by the phrases "history of science," "history of tech," "settler colonialism," "20th-century Middle East," "land use," and "infrastructure."

In 2021-2022, I'll be pursuing an MPhil in History and Philosophy of Science as a Gates Cambridge scholar at the University of Cambridge.

At MIT, I also did a joint major in History and Computer Science (which was basically a History major with some CS classes tacked on). My senior thesis was about settler colonialism and the establishment of the first permanently occupied mountaintop observatory.

During undergrad I also:

Other Activities

I also love teaching, outreach, advocacy, and various community organizations I'm involved with. During undergrad, I also spent various amounts of time on things like:

CV & Contact

CV: PDF last updated Dec 2020


Twitter: @minskycharlotte


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